The overwhelming majority of our herd is Black Angus or Angus-cross. Through genetic diversity, careful research and population control, Hodges Cattle has successfully built a strong, healthy herd of Angus, American Aberdeen, and Angus-cross cattle. Cross-breeding allows us to capitalize on strong genetic attributes that lead to a more healthy and vital herd. 


Our cattle are very well cared for, receiving daily well-being checks, as-needed medical care, a maternity and delivery suite for calving heifers, and enjoy a diet of 100% organically fertilized grass.


We rotate our herd across four separately fenced pastures to ensure they receive the best grass, and to give our pastures a chance to rest.


Our cattle are protected by 24/7 on-site monitoring and we have integrated a donkey into the herd to protect the cows from coyotes and wild dogs.

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