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Boutique Beef Ranch

Responsible. Delicious. Quality.

Hodges Cattle prides itself on raising 100% grass-fed beef cattle. While we can grain-finish a custom-ordered cow prior to butchering, it is not a part of our herd's main diet.

Our grass is extremely healthy as well! For over 40 years, our grass has received organic-based fertilizer which has yielded some amazing grass that our cows love!


The Four Tenets of Hodges Cattle



From the very beginning, we at Hodges Cattle understood the importance of selecting happy, healthy, and desirable cattle to start our herd.


Through research and an unwavering commitment to quality, we have grown a herd of some of the best-looking beef cattle anywhere in the region.


We have bred a herd that maximizes quality beef yield all while minimizing environmental impact.



We simply love our cows. While we understand that they are not pets, we treat them as such.


We check our cattle daily for general health and ensure that each cow receives biannual anti-parasite treatment.

If an emergency ever occurs, we activate our emergency veterinarian team to mitigate any medical issue.

We have also provided areas in-pasture where our cows can cool off and enjoy fresh water.



Buying beef from Hodges Cattle is a different experience entirely.


From the moment a client expresses interest in acquiring beef from us, we walk alongside him or her to ensure that the process is clear and that the cow selected is the best for the desired cuts.


We have built strong relationships with our clients founded on honesty and integrity. When purchasing Hodges beef, you can rest assured that you get what you pay for...and more.



We simply don't cut corners...and it is apparent with every mouth-watering bite of Hodges beef.


Everything we work so hard for culminates at this moment.


From raising the best beef cattle breed and feeding them naturally fertilized grass to taking care of our herd's health and providing a level of client involvement that's unparalleled in the industry...


Hodges Cattle offers something more than your grocer.

Guide to Beef Cuts

Want to know where your beef comes from? Check out our handy 'Guide to Beef Cuts' we've prepared especially for you.

Freezer Guide

There is an extremely important question one must ask when purchasing bulk beef: How much beef can I store? 


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